I love your blog! Rammstein + horror = ♥

Thx thx thx ♥ I love Rammstein, my favorite band ♥

love how your icon is Captin Spaulding

Haha xoxo ♥

♡ Congratulations Germany ♡ 
We are the champions
No time for losers
Cause we are the champions of the world ♪
Since this is a horror blog can you post some real horror? Like real crime scenes plz

Okay ^^

Why do you steal peoples posts instead of reblogging them?

Wow can you not post your own things instead of stealing from other blogs? These blogs make those gifs and write those posts and you just steal them? Thats plagiarism and you can get in a lot of shit for it.

Vai lavar uma louça, colega

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