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Since this is a horror blog can you post some real horror? Like real crime scenes plz

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Ed and Lorraine Warren
Ed Warren (September 7, 1926 – August 23, 2006) and Lorraine R. Warren (Moran) (January 31, 1927) were American paranormal investigators and authors associated with prominent cases of haunting. The Warrens were responsible for training several current paranormal investigating demonologists including Keith & Carl Johnson, Lou Gentile, and their nephew John Zaffis. After Ed died in 2006, Lorraine continues to assist with investigations, explaining, “It was really Ed himself that let me know that he wanted me to continue to do this, so I will say that I am doing it for him. I am doing it to honor my husband. The work meant a great deal to him, so that is why I want to carry on his legacy.” In addition to investigations, Lorraine also continues to run the private Occult Museum in the back of her house in Monroe, Connecticut with the help of her son-in-law, Tony Spera.
The Warrens are best known for their involvement in the Amityville Horror case in which New York couple George and Kathy Lutz claimed that their house was haunted by a violent, demonic presence so intense that it eventually drove them out of their home. The Amityville Horror Conspiracy authors Stephen and Roxanne Kaplan characterized the case as a “hoax”. Lorraine Warren told a reporter for The Express-Times newspaper that the Amityville Horror was not a hoax.